Modern Solid Wood Kitchens

Every Team 7 kitchen is custom made according to your individual wishes. Our cabinets are crafted from 100% solid wood in selections from white maple to deep walnut, set to dimensions tailored for your own space. Whether you require a compact kitchenette or a large open plan with an island, we work with you to design a kitchen that accomplishes your needs with finesse.

Finished only with natural oils, your solid wood kitchen is formulated for easy care and its beauty is maintained for many years with simple oil treatments. From its anti-bacterial properties to antistatic qualities that help to keep dust at bay, the benefits of a solid wood kitchen are wide ranging.

Kitchens benefit from advanced technology such as the k7 adjustable height island. For a varied appearance, one can add decorative elements like colored glass cabinet fronts and display shelving, creating a warm and cosy backdrop for your everyday kitchen life.